Music Biz demystified

The music biz is changing, "everything changes, and you'll have to move on". Totally wrong to quote your own song? Nah.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of the independent musician, and seen pundits from all industries give their two cents as to why. I have seen optimists, pessimists, musicians, fans, know-it-alls, record execs and myself, try to make sense of it all. You know what it all seems to come down to? A statement that came bumbling out of my mouth one day while in conversation with a fellow musician who "understands" it all. His theoretical knowledge of the ins and outs of the music biz is at a doctorate level, and yet, I found myself saying "just shut the f*&k up and make music". I'm a very soft spoken guy, and I almost turned around to see what rude asshole so abruptly interrupted the genious ramblings of a depressed musician. But needless to say, I knew full well what those words felt like, as I had just spewed them forward. But you know what? It felt good. It felt right, and evidently the Bobby Fischer of music I had been talking to agreed. Because he shut the f&$k up, kind of stared at me with surprise, (possibly mirroring my facial expression), and begrudgingly smiled and nodded. We became real friends at that moment. I mean, I haven't heard from him since, but we're friends, I feel it.

Point is, no one knows. No one really knows "the" way. And the sooner we realize that, the sooner we stop using asinine concepts as excuses for blabbering on and getting nothing done. My friends, it's time for me to shut my mouth, and pick up my guitar. 'Til soon.

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