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These days, "singer/songwriter" has become a catchall genre that describes almost anybody with a few songs and a guitar, but Amos J. stands out because he matches nimble songwriting with a soulful, rich voice and a guitar repertoire over which he has total command. Onstage or in studio, Amos J. sounds equally good whether he's leading a band complete with horns, or performing solo. His songs evoke themes of love and courage, and have a stark beauty born of the forests and rivers of Quebec's Eastern Townships, where he is based. 

Over the past several years, Amos has spread his roots, recording tirelessly, appearing on TV and radio, cultivating his stage presence through countless shows, crafting his timeless brand of acoustic and electronic rock. Now, he’s about to spread his wings: in October, Amos appeared at the IEBA in Nashville, and in 2017, he will begin an epic US/CANADA tour featuring 100 live performances.

The tour will showcase Amos’s brand-new album, Act 1, a set that combines structured jams with the spontaneous improvisations of a live show, and blends strong solo work with appearances by some of the finest musicians in the business. These intensely fertile sessions have also overflown into a follow-up album, Act 2, which is not far off. Amos’s recordings shimmer with the raw power that he has been waiting to unleash onstage. When you see him live, you will understand.